Air Quality assessment and planning

Before appropriate measures can be taken to curb relevant air emissions an accurate assessment of the current situation is required. VITO offers different air quality assessment and planning tools to model high resolution air quality maps down to street level.


Our experts provide policymakers with the scientific evidence required to make the best choices to improve air quality. This evidence is based on a detailed analysis of the current situation and future policy scenarios.

VITO offers the ATMO-Street model to derive high-resolution air quality maps down to the street level for air quality assessments and planning.

This model chain is integrated into a user-friendly ATMO-Plan tool harmonizing air quality modelling for planning and environmental impact assessments.



Key applications

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Development of IT tools to support air quality policy

Design and development of tailor made software tools to support policy makers in the analysis and planning process.


A NO2 source apportionment tool for road transport emissions

LIFE IP project Malopolska: Supporting municipalities in the Malopolska and Silesia regions in Poland


Air quality plans and clean air strategies

Low emission zones and sustainable transport management

Regional and local scale environmental impact assessments

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Impact of nitrogen deposition on Natura 2000 sites

Data assimilation to refine air quality maps with sensor network information

Smart city applications and digital twins

Air quality models can be coupled to Local Digital Twins to integrate air quality modelling and maps into cross-domain decision support tools


Prototype digital twin city of Bruges offers opportunities for all of Flanders


Air Quality Assessment and Planning Tools

ATMO-Plan is a web-based software application to assess the impact of emission reductions on pollutant concentrations.

ATMO-Street is a combination of modelling techniques ranging for the regional to the local scale used to create high-resolution air pollution maps. T

QUARK (Quick Urban AiR quality using Kernels) is a modelling approach developed for the fast calculation of urban air quality assessments at a high spatial resolution.  

To study the impact of local AQ measures taken at street level (noise barriers, screens, urban vegetation, varying building configurations,…) VITO uses tailored Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models.

Visit our air pollution maps

Street level NO2 modelling at the European scale.PNG

NO2 modelling at European scale

Urban air quality modeling in Krakow

Urban air quality modelling in Krakow

Urban air quality modeling in Flanders

Urban air quality modelling in Flanders

Other products and services

Effective air quality management heavily relies on the availability and the accuracy of emission datasets. At VITO a dedicated team of emission modelling experts covers all the relevant sectors. We ensure the highest quality of emission data for various types of application domains.

VITO supports different industries to better understand, analyse and mitigate the air pollution challenges they face. Many industrial sites are complex environments with multiple possible sources. The influence of the buildings on the air flows requires micro-scale modelling of the pollutant dispersion.

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