ATMO-Street is a combination of modelling techniques ranging for the regional to the local scale used to create high-resolution air pollution maps. T

ATMO-STREET for Urban Air Quality

The ATMO-Street model can be used to derive historic maps but can also be applied in scenario mode to analysis the impact op policy scenarios.   

Key features:

  • An intelligent interpolation model (RIO) for regional pollution levels is combined with a Gaussian dispersion model (IFDM) and a street canyon model (OSPM) to capture the different scales and sources influencing urban air quality. 
  • ATMO-Street handles emissions of all relevant sectors (e.g. road transport, shipping, air traffic, industry, residential and agriculture).
  • The high-resolution maps are used to assess compliance with ambient AQ limits, identify hotspots for mitigation actions and provide insights into the geographical variation of air quality across a region or city.

Other tools

ATMO-Plan is a web-based software application to assess the impact of emission reductions on pollutant concentrations.

EISSA is our unique system for inventorying and mapping air emissions at regional or local scale.

OPAQ provides a reliable and continuous view on air quality and allows citizens and policymakers to take immediate short term mitigation action.