About Atmosys

ATMOSYS is VITO’s air quality modelling software and service package.

Our air quality team has over fifty years history in air quality modelling and monitoring.

We support regional and local authorities, industry and private companies in managing their air quality and effectively implementing air quality action plans.

Our ATMOSYS air quality management software tools and web apps provide affordable and practicable solutions to support policy makers and agencies located in air pollution hotspots. The tools and platforms can be customized and extended depending on the user’s needs.

As well as working closely with the Flemish administrations, these tools are also being customized and applied in several projects across Europe to support EU Member States and regions in managing their air quality.

How good are our models?

The models and web applications are based on well-validated scientific models with a long-proven track record across Europe - Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, China and recently India.

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Stijn Janssen

Program Manager Air Quality Modelling
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Lisa Blyth

ATMOSYS Services Business and Relations Manager
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Stijn Vranckx

Senior Researcher Air Quality Modelling
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