QUARK (Quick Urban AiR quality using Kernels) is a modelling approach developed for the fast calculation of urban air quality assessments at a high spatial resolution.  

QUARK for fast air quality screening

VITO developed QUARK to model pollution levels adown to street level (100m) according to European standard.

QUARK (Quick Urban AiR quality using Kernels)  is a light version of the ATMO-Street model. 

  • Based on the underlying ATMO-Street methodology and applying pre-calculated ‘Kernels’, it allows fast modelling of the whole EU at a high spatial resolution.
  • The methodology has been refined to achieve an improved methodology for NO2 exposure assessment at EU scale.
  • The model is also extensively applied in NO2 source apportionment studies for road traffic emissions in all of Europe’s main cities.


Quark NO2 map Europe
QUARK NO2 annual average concentration map for Europe