ATMO-Plan is a web-based software application to assess the impact of emission reductions on pollutant concentrations.

ATMO-PLAN for harmonized air quality modelling

ATMO-Plan is on online user interface on top of the ATMO-Street modelling chain. It allows users to configure ATMO-Street input, launch model simulations on an high performance computer and visualize and analyse the modelling results.

ATMO-Plan is used in support the preparation of urban air quality plans in the context of the EU Ambient Air Quality Directive and by air quality consultants preparing air quality impact assessments for compliance with environmental planning regulations.

ATMO-Plan offers authorities a tool to harmonize the modelling approach in their region. The software is configured with all input data to run the baseline scenario for a specific location. The user interface offers a lot of flexibility to create additional scenarios targeting:

  • Road traffic
  • Residential emissions
  • Industrial point sources

The integrated road traffic emission model FASTRACE applies COPERT emission information to turn road traffic volumes into emission information.

Other tools

ATMO-Street is a combination of modelling techniques ranging for the regional to the local scale used to create high-resolution air pollution maps. T

EISSA is our unique system for inventorying and mapping air emissions at regional or local scale.

OPAQ provides a reliable and continuous view on air quality and allows citizens and policymakers to take immediate short term mitigation action.