Real-time air quality and forecasts

OPAQ is the result of our research for a user-friendly air quality mapping and prediction system enabling regions and cities to provide real-time air quality information and adequately warn their citizens of high pollution episodes. This allows citizens and policymakers to take appropriate immediate short term mitigation action. OPAQ provides a reliable and continuous view on air quality.

Key Applications

  • Air quality forecasting and generation of the Air Quality Index (AQI) for public communication. 

  • Mapping air pollution in real-time.

  • Data assimilation of low cost air quality sensor networks into OPAQ maps.

  • Reliable air quality data for inclusion in Smart City or IoT platforms.

  • Identification of air pollution hotspots and high pollution episodes.

Data Outputs

  • Daily air quality forecasts at hourly resolution for each monitoring station for the next 3 or 4 days ahead.

  • Daily forecasted air pollutant concentration maps.

  • Hourly, near real-time air pollutant concentration maps: PM2.5, PM10, NO2, SO2, O3.

Other products and services

Before appropriate measures can be taken to curb relevant air emissions an accurate assessment of the current situation is required. VITO offers different air quality assessment and planning tools to model high resolution air quality maps down to street level.

Effective air quality management heavily relies on the availability and the accuracy of emission datasets. At VITO a dedicated team of emission modelling experts covers all the relevant sectors. We ensure the highest quality of emission data for various types of application domains.

VITO supports different industries to better understand, analyse and mitigate the air pollution challenges they face. Many industrial sites are complex environments with multiple possible sources. The influence of the buildings on the air flows requires micro-scale modelling of the pollutant dispersion.